What Is the Aiphone Intercom System

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Today, an expanding number of business owners are acknowledging there are numerous advantages related to introducing radio frameworks. One of the main items in this space is the Aiphone radio framework.

Why Businesses Use Aiphone Radios

Radio frameworks are moderate, valuable, and a key piece of keeping an establishment secure. Lock Doc N.I., locksmiths in Belfast, routinely introduces numerous radio frameworks made by Aiphone. Notwithstanding the ordinary radio capacities including sound and distant delivery, Aiphone radio frameworks additionally offer video ability complete with tilt, zoom, and container usefulness.

This sort of radio framework can even record the sound and video so the exchange can be reviewed sometime in the future. This is convenient for when you need to see if security protocols have been followed accurately. This kind of framework uses your current system foundation without the requirement for extra wiring or peripherals. When you need help installing, don’t hesitate to call out our locksmiths.

Aiphone Highlights

Here are some other features that Aiphone provides.

  • Time-sensitive call sending
  • Crisis calls by singular station gatherings
  • Time declarations by gathering
  • Paging ability
  • Capacity to move calls to an outside telephone line
  • Capacity to oversee separate structure frameworks by an ace client
  • Command over the entryway discharge from a focal area
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