Locksmiths: Why are they expensive?

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People nowadays get startled by the price of locksmith services. This might push you to find a cheap locksmith but you may want to understand why Lock Doc NI charges a specific rate for locksmithing. Below are some reasons why a locksmith is expensive.


There are locksmith companies out there that provide locksmith services 24/7. This is one reason why the price may seem costly, the need for a locksmith to be ready at any time. If you avail of service in an unusual hour from a 24/7 locksmith in Belfast, you can expect to pay a higher rate.

Security Products

The products used by locksmiths will influence the price of their service. Some situations call for specific brands to offer the best quality solution. In these situations, these products are high quality and that comes at a higher cost. On the brighter side, high-quality products last longer. Our locksmiths in Belfast will always use the best security products for our customers. However, they will always analyze the situation first before coming up with a conclusion.

Time and Difficulty

The level of difficulty of the repair or replacement will affect the cost of service. The tools needed and the time used are major factors in the final price. Do keep in mind that a locksmith spent years training their skills for different situations, the level of experience will also dictate the price.


This one is a given. If you avail of a service from a professional locksmith, there is a cost for insurance coverage and credentials. If there isn’t, you may be dealing with an unlicensed locksmith.


Now that you know the aspects of what dictates the final price of a locksmith service, we will answer common questions on price below.

Rekey or Replace a Lock, which is cheaper?

You may wonder what the cheaper option is. Replacing a lock is swapping the entire thing with a new one. On the other hand, rekeying alters the internal parts of a lock when an old key doesn’t work anymore. Reading this you may think rekeying is more expensive, due to it sounding complex. However, rekeying is simpler and more affordable the replacing a lock.

If you’re thinking about rekeying and replacing a lock, it is best for a locksmith to decide. Emergency locksmiths in Belfast can easily discern if it’s best for a lock to be rekeyed or replaced. You can never go wrong when professionals help you.

How do I know if I got scammed?

A common tactic used by scammers is when you booked a locksmith and left a quote for only £40 to leave you with a bill higher than £500. They do this by claiming you need high-security locks or drilling the said locks. It’s very uncommon for drilling to be required for traditional lock systems, this is mostly just a way to make more money.

Before hiring, do some research and read reviews of the locksmiths available. Comparing them can also help.

Can my insurance pay for a locksmith?

This is a common question because locksmith services can become expensive. There are homeowner insurance companies that will cover locksmith services if they were initially added to the policy, but this is usually limited. Most of the time you can expect that the insurance can cover lost keys, damaged locks, doors, or windows, and stolen and damaged safes. You may have a hard time getting them paid.

On the other hand, auto insurance companies are more willing to cover key cutting and being locked out. However, many insurers also limit the number of times you can claim for a lockout or key copy, so read through the fine print before you decide on a locksmith.

In conclusion, if you find yourself ever in need of a locksmith, choose a reputable one. Investing the time to locate trustworthy professionals such as Lock Doc NI would help you save time and money. Our mobile locksmiths in Belfast are well-trained and well-equipped with any problems that you may have, give us a call and we will be there quickly.


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